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GTN (Box of 10)

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Price is for 10 Pc Box. Picture on display is of a Coated Insert. C520 (C-2): General purpose grade designed for cast iron and non-ferrous materials. C550 (C-5): Designed for heavy roughing to semi-finishing of all steels. CM-14 (C5 Coated): Multi Layer coating TiN/TiC/TiCN/TiN for turning and milling carbon and alloy steels and tool steels. Provides longer tool life than uncoated grades. Read More

Type:Cut-Off Inserts

Vendor: Carbidenow

- Most Popular Cut-off Face Insert

- Unique Top-rake design minimizes machining forces and produces controlled

- Coil Chips at optimum speeds and feeds - Higher metal removal rates

- Improved Chip control - Greater productivity through better tool utilization

Insert Type Dimensions Uncoated Grade Coated Grade
Insert Lead "w" C520 C550 Price CM14 Price
Style Angle Width EDP# EDP# 10 Pc Box EDP# 10 Pc Box
GTN-2 0.087 C43000 C43004 $39.95 C43008 $47.95
GTN-2.4 0.094 C43012 C43016 $40.95 C43020 $49.95
GTN-3 0.120 C43024 C43028 $42.95 C43032 $51.95
GTN-4 0.160 C43036 C43040 $55.95 C43044 $65.95
GTN-4.8 0.187 C43048 C43052 $56.95 C43056 $66.95
GTN-5 0.200 C43060 C43064 $61.95 C43068 $72.95
GTN-6 0.250 C43072 C43076 $74.95 C43080 $87.95