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APKT (Box of 10)

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Price is for 10 Pc Box. Picture on display is of a Coated Insert. C520 (C-2): General purpose grade designed for cast iron and non-ferrous materials. C550 (C-5): Designed for heavy roughing to semi-finishing of all steels. CM-14 (C5 Coated): Multi Layer coating TiN/TiC/TiCN/TiN for turning and milling carbon and alloy steels and tool steels. Provides longer tool life than uncoated grades. Read More

Type:Milling Inserts

Vendor: Carbidenow

- 85° Parallelogram Milling Insert.

-For Light Cutting of Steel and Cast Iron at Elevated Speeds.

Insert Type Dimensions Uncoated Grade Coated Grade
Insert Radius Hole C520 C550 Price CM14 Price
Style I.C. I.W. (r) Size (d) EDP# EDP# 10 Pc Box EDP# 10 Pc Box
APKT-1003 PDR-HM 0.441 0.264 0.020 0.110 C42732 C42734 $29.50 C42736 $41.50
APKT-1505 PDR-HM 0.625 0.375 0.0315 0.175 C42740 C42742 $47.40 C42746 $59.95
APKT-1604 PDR-HM 0.625 0.375 0.0315 0.175 C42748 C42750 $41.50 C42754 $53.50